Welcome to Super Table Tennis Robot Store. We are a professional table tennis robot and equipment distributor who enjoys over 5 years of excellent reputation among customers from over 50 countries in the world.

     We are supplying table tennis robot, robot replacements, equipments,blade, rubbers and other Ping Pong accessories of major brand with the most competitive prices, wholesale or retail to all table tennis players,clubs all over the world. Our awareness of the newest table tennis product that entering the market can help customer make comparisons of similar items and get perfect weapon.

     Our rich international shipping experience benefit customers with quick and safe arrival of their items as well as great discount on shipping cost which allows the total cost even much cheaper than any item’s manufacturer. Our major products are Y&T table tennis robot (989H, S27, 989G,989E etc.), Oukei 2700-08B, S9 robot, Double Snake robot, Newgy robot, Super Master robot, New Star robot, Ipong etc.including replacements for all model of robots.

     We also provide table tennis products of DHS, Galaxy, Palio, friendship 729, Butterfly, LINING etc. If you are repeat customer from our store on EBAY, you will definitely get much bigger discount here.OR if you are customer who would like to be protected by EBAY,we can lead you to our ebay store as well. Based on quantity of items exported,we can regularly get good discount from international shipping service agency. You will be lucky to get better price than listed, so please don’t hesitate to contact us: BIG SURPRISE AWAIT YOU!! 

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