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Oukei / AMDT 2700-08B Table Tennis Robot

  • Model: 2700-08B
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Max: 20


Oukei /AMDT 2700-08B Table Tennis Robot






Maximum ball frequency


100 balls per minute


Minimum ball frequency


30 balls per minute


Maximum ball speed


90 mph( 40m/sec)


Minimum ball speed


8 mph ( 4m/sec)


Ball capacity ( 40mm balls )


50 to 130


Ball spins


Topspin, backspin, sidespin, and no-spin (dead balls) 2 friction wheels driven by two independently controlled motors.


Oscillation range


angle from 0 to 45 degree


Serving mode


1.Regular mode: Continuous serving from one fixed ball falling position among 1-9 horizontal falling positions of short balls;


2.Regular mode:


A. Horizontal random mode


a. random serving from 1-9 horizontal positions, under this mode long balls or short balls may be chosen.


b. random serving from left five positions; under this mode long and short balls may be chosen;


c. random serving from right 5 positions; under this mode long and short balls may be chosen;


B.Horizontal random mode mixed random mode of long ball and short ball


a. random serving from 1-9 horizontal positions and mixed random mode of long and short ball


b. random serving from left 5 positions and mixed random mode of long and short ball


c. random serving from right 5 positions and mixed random mode of long and short ball


3. Self program mode: program 18 positions according to the training need; one program can edit 32 falling positions.




1. Spread out the ball collection net with both sides. No assembly or tools are required.


2. After finishing your training, fold back the collection ball net in a reverse order of the original process; lock the buckles in a right way. Rolls easily from table for easy storage


Remote controls (with wire)


Top-wheel Speed; Bottom-wheel Speed;


Frequency; Timing/countingrandom balls(1-9);long or short ball(1-9);long ball position red light(A.B.C.D) short ball position green light (A.B.C.D); program /random/fixed and adjust mode; set or cancel; mixed and random; on and off


Recycling Net






aluminum alloyhigh-quality steel; ABS plastic


Automatically collect and return balls




Function of time and count


Auto memorize and save




G. W.


45 lb  (20 kg)  


N. W.


25 lb 11 kg


Package dimensions


21"Wide by 47"High by 17"Deep


535mm Wide by 1190mm High by 435mm Deep


Power supply(spec of transformer)


Input: 220V-240V 50Hz 48W;


For 110V,it require a 100W or 200W Voltage Transformers to step it from 110V to 220V(cost around $13 with shipping included)




Limited 3 years warranty



The package includes:

extra throwing wheels




Advanced Control pad




Control pad clamp




Connector Cable




Side Net Extenders




small screw drivers




extra inline fuses




Oukei XL t-shirt.




Owner's Manual in English




Telescopic ball pick up net








Oukei TW2700-08B is upgraded version of 2700-08 robot.This robot has 2 new features.

1.Initial Service Mode: A ball can be served to land on both sides of table like an actual double bounce service.There are 4 different modes of this function.

2.The new 08B has a calapsable head like S9 robot.

This robot has a universal power supply so no voltage converter is needed.


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